Window and Screen Cleaning

Let the sunshine in!

If you’re on the lookout for a top-quality window cleaning, look no further. Few things make your home look and feel clean and bright faster than a professional window and screen cleaning. Clean and bright windows make your home feel larger, and windows cleaned at least twice yearly last much longer than those that aren’t. When neglected, mineral deposits, paint, and other foreign material become increasingly difficult to remove.

So leave it to us! We’d be glad to bring some sparkle and shine to your home!


Frequently Asked Questions about Window & Screen Cleaning.

  • Why and how often should I clean my windows?
    Clean windows are one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to add instant comfort and class to your home. Clean windows allow the entrance of natural light and foster a spacious, cheerful feeling for you, your family, and your guests. It’s also a good idea to avoid leaving foreign material and debris on your glass for extended periods as it becomes increasingly difficult to remove. Conscientious homeowners make sure they are cleaned at least twice annually, depending on their location and unique conditions. Our expert, super-friendly staff is trained and ready to bring plenty of sparkle and shine to your home!
  • Can you remove hard water spots or other mineral deposits?
    Yes! Mineral buildup due to landscape irrigation overspray, metal oxidation, masonry runoff, or hard water is common- though removing them is not considered standard maintenance cleaning. We can handle chalky or neglected windows which may require a little extra TLC. This type of service normally takes about twice as long as standard maintenance cleaning. Give us a call for an in-person estimate and we’d be glad to have a look.
  • Why should I have my screens cleaned in addition to my windows?
    Why cover a sparkling clean window with a dirty, grimy screen? Since cleaning the window and track requires removal of the screen anyway, it makes sense to kill two birds with one stone and clean the screen as well. We’ll remove your screens, scrub them down with a powerful soap and ammonia solution, and rinse them thoroughly.
  • Can you clean my mirrors and shower doors as well?
    Of course! Next to clean windows, clean mirrors are your best room brighteners. Whether you have just one small decorative mirror to be cleaned, closet doors full of fingerprints,or even a full mirrored wall, we can get the job done – bright and clean and streak-free, 100% of the time.
  • How much do you charge for your window cleaning service?
    We recommend our comprehensive Deluxe Home Detailing service for an all-encompassing cleaning solution that provides a much deeper and more extensive clean for your dollar. But if you’re just interested in a window cleaning, we still offer a fantastic value. Our basic window cleaning service includes a thorough cleaning of both sides of your glass as well as your sills and tracks. If you’d like your frames thoroughly cleaned as well, we offer that in our standard package!
  • Do you do post-construction window cleaning?
    Yes, we can handle the removal of debris commonly associated with post-construction or remodeling work, such as paint, plaster, stucco, texture, tape, or window manufacturer sticker debris. This type of service is also not considered standard maintenance cleaning. Give us a call and we’d be happy to come take a look at no obligation to you.
  • Do you offer discounts for ongoing service?
    Absolutely! If you’d rather enjoy clean windows all the time without ever having to think about them again, we gladly offer cleaning programs which feature fantastic discounts.

    Here’s what we offer to our customers who opt for a service program:

    • Weekly: 25% off
    • Bi-Monthly: 25% off
    • Monthly: 20% off
    • Quarterly: 15% off
    • Semi-annual: 10% off