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Posted: 05/15/19 9:39 AM    Kevin Murray

What is Deluxe Home Detailing?

Okay, we could just call it outdoor cleaning, window care, pressure washing, etc. The reason we call it Home Detailing is simple: Attention to every detail of the exterior of your home. From dirty window tracks and water spots to oil stains, moss, cobwebs and gutter debris, our claim to fame is the time we take to see that every outdoor surface of your home is left looking clean and pristine, top to bottom, front to back.

And when we say “Deluxe”, we mean it. Our standard Deluxe Home Detailing service combines both a complete exterior pressure washing and an inside/out window cleaning, killing two birds with one stone and adding a level of curb appeal, comfort, and class that never fails to impress – all for $169 or less in most cases.

Look at it this way: When you wash your car, do you just clean your windows? Of course not! Your paint, mirrors, and tires need TLC as much as your glass, if not more. Washing your car, treating your tires, and cleaning your glass helps maintain the value and appearance of your vehicle for the long-haul, yet most people rarely consider giving their homes the same kind of attention. Your home is probably your most important long-term investment, so why not protect it the same way you’d protect your car.

See for yourself…

Stucco & Siding: We’ll remove virtually every foreign material from your home’s exterior. From insects and cobwebs lingering under your eaves to bird droppings and insect nests to dirt and debris accumulating on your ledges – we’ll give your house a complete makeover and leave it looking like a million dollars.

Walkways, Driveways & Patios: Few things add instant curb appeal better than a driveway, front walk, and entryway cleaning. We can whiten, brighten and restore all of your concrete surfaces to their full potential.

ABOVE: Not only does dirt and debris tend to congregate on window frames and ledges, it attaches itself to stucco and siding as well. This house in Moorpark had an off-white stucco exterior. Appearance-wise, lighter-colored homes benefit the most from a house wash.

After house wash: Not only is the glass clean and mirror-like, but the ledges and window surrounds cleaned up fantastically. In fact, this house in particular almost looks as if it’s been treated to a new coat of paint. Mission accomplished!

This customer’s home in Ojai had been neglected for years, and was covered with dirt and mildew in some areas.

Their wood siding cleaned up fantastically, and their paint is looking fresh and clean. Mission accomplished once again.

Cooler, shaded and moist areas can be susceptible to moss and fungus growth, which can quickly become a serious threat to your property as well as your health. We use a specially formulated solution and “soft-wash” technique to assure your property is free of fungus, moss, algae and lichen.

This customer’s property in Simi Valley had been vacant for about two years.  We saved the homeowner about $3,000 in painting costs when he decided to see for himself the difference we could make. Since most homes need to be pressure washed before painting anyway, our customers have nothing to lose!

We can usually restore brick to like-new condition.

Most homeowners have no idea how much their exterior surfaces can be restored to their original glory. Stucco in general holds onto dirt like a magnet. This video gives you a quick idea of how a dirty stucco carport in Roseville responded to our high-powered machines.

We easily restored a new, fresh look to this customer’s patio and poolside in Roseville. Our Deluxe Home Detailing includes a thorough cleaning of all of your outdoor living spaces, including patios, porches, courtyards and more.

Here’s another example of a season patio cleanup. This kind of cleanup would take four times as long with a garden hose alone. We can handle it in 30 minutes or less in most cases.

The end result: Windows sparkling and shining like mirrors, screen doors scrubbed and looking like new, window frames and tracks clean and pristine. This house looks like new again, and the homeowner is nothing less than thrilled.

Posted: 05/10/19 6:03 PM    Kevin Murray

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