About CastleCleaners Referral Agency

If you are looking for reputable house cleaners, then look no further!

Since 2012, CastleCleaners has been providing five-star, highly professional interior and exterior cleaning services to homeowners, property managers, realtors, investors, business owners, non-profits, contractors, and other real estate professionals. If you want to work with reputable house cleaners Westlake Village then talk to us! We’re a locally-owned business that places a premium on care, quality, and respect, from our owner to our front office to our spectacular field service team.

Why You Should Choose Us

We know you’re busy, and as a referral agency, we can do all of the research for you. Forget about all the hassle of scouring through multiple websites, Yelp reviews, asking friends or turning to social media. You can rely on us to find the perfect fit for your cleaning needs. 

Understand our rigorous evaluation process for cleaners:

1st Step: Online Screening Test

Any cleaner interested in joining our system will have to fill out a meticulous online application. Our team will review the application, and if they are approved, they can be selected to go to the next step.

2nd Step: Phone Interview

CastleCleaners’ team will interview applicants by phone to understand their experience and ask for solid references. In this phase, we will also make sure that cleaners speak English fluently and are legally allowed to work in our state.

3rd Step: In-Person Interview

We believe in the importance of eye contact and professional posture. During the in-person meeting with the potential cleaners, we analyze their experiences and run them through a rigorous list of questions.

4th Step: Rigorous Background Check

If the potential workers advance until this phase, we will contact their references and run a thorough background check. This way, we ensure the safety of your property and your family.

5th Step: Professional Orientation

In the last step of our evaluation process, after the cleaner passed through all the phases, we will provide them with a professional orientation. Our goal is to ensure that all cleaners have the same high-quality standards as we do.

Connecting you with only the best!

Not many cleaners can pass this rigorous evaluation process. We want to make sure you only get the best!

Now that you know what we’re all about…

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