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Deluxe Home Detailing Our Signature service – and we do mean “Deluxe!”

Window and Screen Cleaning

The exterior of your home needs TLC just as much as the interior. While keeping your windows clean is a vital home maintenance task, keeping your exterior walls, window frames, screens, concrete and decks clean and pristine is just as important to maintaining the appearance, comfort, and value of your home. But we realize your time is valuable and your budget is limited. That’s why we are proud to be your complete exterior cleaning and renewal solution. Our exclusive Deluxe Home Detailing is an all-encompassing service package that rejuvenates your home top to bottom, front to back – all done quickly and professionally in a single visit for a single low price.

What does your Deluxe Home Detailing entail?

Our Deluxe Home Detailing may be done with or without a window cleaning, but most of our customers kill two birds with one stone and take advantage of the full signature service! First, we will do a complete “soft” pressure wash of your exterior using a biodegradable foam detergent combined with a wax agent protectant. This includes your driveway, entryway, side walkways, patio, and all exterior siding and/or stucco. Then we’ll do a top-notch window cleaning – inside and out – utilizing our 100% pure deionized water cleaning system. This cleaning includes your glass, sills and a cleanout of your tracks as well. We will also scrub your frames on the outside and wipe them down on the inside, removing accumulated dirt, cobwebs, dead insects, dust and debris. Finally, we scrub down all of your screens with a powerful solution and apply a sealer to rejuvenate them to like-new condition. Without a doubt the most comprehensive home beautification service in Southern California!

Deluxe Home Detailing

Frequently Asked Questions about Deluxe Home Detailing

Why should I pressure wash the exterior of my home at least once annually in addition to a window cleaning?

One thing we like to point out to homeowners is this: If your car deserves a wash every week or two, doesn’t your home deserve one at least once a year as well? While a car is destined to depreciate dramatically regardless of how often it is washed, your home on the other hand is probably the most important long-term investment you have. Keeping it clean and pristine for the long haul helps to maintain its integrity and appeal – and in turn, its value!
Secondly, cleaning your windows alone and leaving them surrounded by dirty frames and covered with dusty screens just doesn’t make sense. Clean windows are fantastic, but pressure washing the window surrounds including the shelves and tracks where dirt tends to settle goes so much further in rejuvenating your exterior, and will make your windows look 100% better.

Deluxe Home Detailing
Deluxe Home Detailing


What else will your Deluxe Home Detailing service do for my home’s exterior?

No matter the surface – whether it’s wood, aluminum siding, vinyl, stucco, or brick – we will remove the foreign materials that detract from the beauty and eventually from the value of your home and your property. Allowing dirt, dust, cobwebs, bird droppings, mold, pollen, insect nests, and sap from trees to accumulate on and around your home can also be a health liability. We’ll remove all of the above, from insects and cobwebs lingering under your eaves to bird droppings and nests to dirt accumulating on your patio and poolside – we’ll give your house a complete exterior cleaning and leave it looking like a million dollars. Guaranteed.
Here’s an example of a customer who had a pretty nasty pigeon problem that we were glad to take care of.


Deluxe Home Detailing
Deluxe Home Detailing

Here’s a customer’s home we cleaned in Ojai. Their wood siding cleaned up well, and looks a hundred times better!


Deluxe Home Detailing
Deluxe Home Detailing


Homes in more wooded and/or shaded areas are also prone to moss and fungus growth – no match for our “soft-wash” technique.


Deluxe Home Detailing
Deluxe Home Detailing


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Our commitment to your satisfaction..

Kevin MurrayOur pledge is to provide you with the highest quality, highest value cleaning and restoration services available. We take your satisfaction very seriously, and we stand behind our work. Our commitment to this pledge is your guarantee! – Kevin Murray Owner Operator

Realtor/Property Manager Discounts

Enhancing curb appeal and presentation is our specialty! We can do a complete exterior restorative cleaning for one low price. Ask about our liscensed realtor/property manager discounts.

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